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Introduction of TCM Herbs and its basic philosophy

TCM Herbs, s.r.o. has been operating in the market for over 20 years and has been providing top-quality products of the traditional Chinese medicine throughout its operation.

We offer time-tested products of the traditional Chinese medicine and, at the same time, take great care to ensure the highest degree of quality control in our manufacturing procedures. As a matter of course and compulsory standard, the input and output products undergo precise analyses carried out for us by accredited laboratories in Switzerland.

Over 20 years on the market
Present in the market
for over 20 years

experts in the field of TCM
Experts in the field
of the traditional Chinese medicine

certified TCM product portfolio
product portfolio

our vision is your strong health
Our vision is your strong health

The herbal products are manufactured in Belgium. The entire manufacturing process is subject to a strict detailed step-by-step control. The result is a product retaining the benefits of the traditional composition while making use of the available modern technologies for the elimination of all detectable harmful contents.

Standardized herbal blends used by the traditional Chinese medicine are called "patent medicine" in China. They have a form of concentrated tablets the composition of which was adjusted for centuries on the basis of experience of old Chinese physicians. Their effects were naturally checked and examined on a large-scale population sample.

In our case, "Patentní medicína®" (Patent medicine) is a registered trademark of TCM Herbs, s.r.o. The company also holds a trademark registered in the territory of the European Union with the following logo:

TCM Herbs

The herbal blends of the patent medicine and some of their names are protected by the trademark the sole holder of which is TCM Herbs, s.r.o.

Our products are subject to strict control. All the herbs used for the preparation of herbal tablets and drinks have their unique batch code. Each herbal batch, without any exception, undergoes tests in the accredited Phytax laboratory for drugs in Schlieren, Switzerland, where the tests identify herbs, detect heavy metals (mercury, cadmium, arsenic, copper) and bacteria (E. coli, Salmonella, including establishing the total quantity of such bacteria) as well as moulds, yeasts and alpha toxins.

Moreover, TCM Herbs, s.r.o. as the only company of its kind in the Czech market unconditionally puts all herbal batches used for the manufacture of products, either herbal tablets or drinks, to thorough tests for 511 types of pesticides (4 groups). All that is done especially because we perceive the use of pesticides as a current worldwide problem. So also in this respect we act in interest of the protection of consumers of our products. Our goal is high-quality herbal preparations without undesirable contents.

All documents about laboratory examinations carried out are available in the article: Safety and quality of TCM Herbs products. For example, it is a test to detect heavy metals, to identify herbs, bacteria, moulds and pesticides. The herbs used for the preparation of our tablets are not ionized, the tablets do not contain any unnecessary preservatives (the only binding agent we use is natural microcrystalline cellulose constituting no more than 1% of the content), gluten (except for codes 025 and 113) and aristolochic acid.

In terms of quantity (the concentration of herbs in the blend is 5 times higher than in dried herbs, so 1 gram of herbal tablets corresponds to 5 grams of dried herbs) and quality (absolutely unparalleled testing of each batch), the herbal tablets and drinks of TCM Herbs rank among the high-quality and time-proven goods on the market of products of Chinese medicine and natural medicine in general.

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