How to cure herpes

Jak vyléčit opar dle TCM

You are going to a job interview, getting ready for a prom or a date… and suddenly feel sinister tingling in the lips. The harder we try to pass off this feeling, the more likely it will appear – HERPES. How to prevent it? Even in these parts there are many natural and body friendly procedures. As always, Traditional Chinese Medicine looks not only at the manifestation of the disease, but primarily at its cause.


Herpes cannot just disappear

Simple cold sore or herpes (from the Latin herpes simplex) occurs most often as a painful lip sore. In general, however, it is a group of infectious diseases of skin and mucous membranes of viral origin, which can also manifest itself as genital herpes or shingles. It is reported that up to 70% of the population has the virus (HSV). However, it especially manifests itself when we are under stress or when our body is weakened. Other factors may also be prolonged exposure to the sun and women often have a critical time before menstruation. 

In addition to classical ointments and patches, your doctor may prescribe antiviral medicines in more serious cases. In this case, caution should be taken not to shoot with a cannon on a mosquito, and although the cold sore on the lip is undoubtedly very uncomfortable, the “side” effects of some chemical drugs can wreak havoc on your body. 

We know a lot of proven and nature-friendly procedures from our midst. It is recommended, for example, to treat cold sores with garlic clove or onion juice for their disinfecting effects. Other options are baking soda or lemon balm compress, tea tree oil, or somewhat more radical acetic acid solution, which is primarily used to prevent the spread of herpes. Some people even treat cold sores with toothpaste, because it can dry the affected area. 

For all these recommendations, however, the herpes never disappears like the morning mist or dew in the morning sun. Usually, its treatment takes at least two to three days. However, if we do not strengthen our body and do not quiet our emotionscold sores will still appear - and often at the wrong time…


Five stages of herpes 

  • Day 1 – The tingling phase, feelings of tension.
  • Day 2-3 – The sore phase, when the cold sores rush to the surface as a cluster of small pustules. They are yellowish in colour and contain pus.
  • Day 4 – The sores burst and liquid starts to flow out of them. This phase is most painful.
  • Day 5-8 – A scab is formed, but often bursts (for example, if you open your mouth too much). It often itches, burns, and blood can flow from it.
  • Day 9-12 – Herpes gradually disappears but may leave a red spot or scar.


Cause according to TCM

Although two people can have a similar-looking (and painful) cold sore in the same corner of the mouth, it does not necessarily mean that it has appeared for the same reason. In the case of cold sores, TCM focuses mainly on the condition of the stomach, large intestine, (in)sufficiency of qi energy and also on the fact whether the body is attacked by hot wind. 

1. Heat in the stomach

Cold sores occur suddenly – most often in the corners of the mouth or at the edge of the lower lip – and cause burning pain. They are often accompanied by a stinking breath, acid reflux, feelings of heat, thirst and nausea, excessive hunger and burning abdominal pain. The tongue tends to be red with a yellow coating.

2. Heat in the large intestine

In this condition, cold sores are on the upper lip. The affected person may also suffer from constipation with dry stools, burning and swelling of the rectum, a burning sensation in the mouth and a small amount of dark urine. The tongue is dry, with a strong yellow (or brown to black) coating.

3. Insufficiency of qi energy

They appear from time to time for a long period. They are usually pale in colour and worsen when overworked. The tongue is pale, swollen and has teeth marks on the sides.

4. Attack by hot wind

Cold sores occur in the corners of the mouth or on the edge of the upper lip. Affected persons have fever, cough, sore throat, clogged nose or yellow runny nose, headaches, aching body, they hate cold, sweat slightly, are thirsty and have swollen tonsils. The tongue is slightly red on the sides or in the front part.

5. Wet heat in the stomach

Cold sores occur in the corners of the mouth or on the edge of the lower lip. We can feel a sticky taste in our mouth, even though we are thirsty, we do not want to drink, in addition, facial pain may appear, clogged nose or thick viscous rhinitis, feeling of fullness, heat, heaviness and nausea, abdominal pain. The tongue is red with a yellow sticky coating.

6. Insufficiency of stomach yin with empty heat

Cold sores occur it the corners of the mouth or at the edge of the lower lip. They occur from time to time, but repeatedly for many years. This condition is accompanied by dull or burning abdominal pain, afternoon feelings of heat, thirst with the need to drink in small sips, dry stools, mild feeling of fullness after meals, gum bleeding, dry mouth in the evening and night sweats, heat in five hearts (palms, soles and chest). The tongue is all red (or only in the middle) and there is no coating in the middle.

7. Wet heat in the large intestine

Cold sores “sprout” especially on the upper lip and may also be accompanied by diarrhoea, phlegm and blood in the stool (which often smells very strongly), anus burning, fever, sweating that does not decrease the temperature, feelings of heat, thirst without a need to drink, abdominal pain that does not subside even after stool excretion, feeling of heaviness in the body and limbs, feeling of pressure in the chest and abdomen. How to deal with it?

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